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bigboy22 Click to EMail bigboy22Click to check IP address of the poster Apr-28-00, 04:33 PM (CST)
I slept with two girls a couple of months ago, and got a rash, it's itchy and got bumps. These chicks were pretty skanky, anyways, so before I flip out at them, I'd like to know, have I got this crap?
I heard thru a friend of mine that if you dab bleach on it it goes away? anyone try that yet?

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RE: disgusted, netnation, Apr-28-00, (1)
RE: disgusted, lisx, Apr-28-00, (3)
RE: disgusted, Farrah, Apr-29-00, (6)
hello?, lisx, Apr-29-00, (8)
Sorry, Farrah, Sorry, Lisx, M'sMom, Apr-29-00, (9)
RE: Sorry, Farrah, Sorry, Lisx, lisx, Apr-29-00, (10)
Disgusted, too!, Rajah, Apr-28-00, (5)
Flip out at WHO?, Laurie, Apr-29-00, (7)

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netnation Click to EMail netnationClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-28-00, 05:12 PM (CST)
1. "RE: disgusted"
bigboy, to put this simply, I think you are a moron!
Do you refer to all women as 'skanky'? or everyone who has herpes? herpes is caused by a virus, and is not caused by 'dirt'. As for bleach??? That got me going althogther.

You should not post messages like this, and if you post again (I am speaking for myself here) I think you should be better informed about the 'crap', as you say.
Go see a doctor, and next time read some of the posts on this site.

did anyone else see this post??


lisx Click to EMail lisxClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-28-00, 10:13 PM (CST)
3. "RE: disgusted"

It is possible that you have herpes. It is important that someone with the symptoms you describe sees a doctor to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Herpes is a virus, it has no cure and does not go away when dabbed with bleach. It is estimated that one in four adults has genital herpes. So whether or not you are a clean or dirty person is very irrelevant. You will find that many of the people who post here are educated and articulate and compassionate. Herpes knows no boundaries, and it is possible for anyone who is sexually active to aquire it.

Nobody with herpes is a leper. Nobody with herpes is untouchable or unlovable. We here are all the exact same people we were before we had it. What we are is a little better informed, thanks to this site, and perhaps a little stronger from the struggle. But we all have full and happy lives most of the time just like anyone else.

I hope that you will take the time to read some more about the virus, and learn as much as you can. Education is the key to living a happy and full hsv positive life.

Good luck to you.

Love lisx


Farrah Click to EMail FarrahClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-29-00, 01:37 AM (CST)
6. "RE: disgusted"
Lisx, For the last time please stop using the word leper in a disrespectful way. It is very hurtful to my grandmother who reads this forum with me. She has Hansen's Disease aka leprosy and does not need to be reminded of the stigma surrounding it when she is trying to be my support system. Thank you kindly, Farrah

lisx Click to EMail lisxClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-29-00, 07:32 AM (CST)
8. "hello?"
Farrah, you say for the last time...excuse me? This is the first time I have seen a post from you anywhere, let alone directed to me. My email address is published in the forum, and you are able to contact me directly if you have a point to make.

Farrah, I would recommend that if you wish to address me in the future, you do so in a less school ma'am-ish way. I am not a child and do not appreciate being chastised like one. Most people who actually read all of my posts and not just one word would know what is intended by my sentiments. NO offense is ever intended, and if it is taken well, what am I to do? Never speak for fear of hurting someone's feelings?


M'sMom Click to EMail M'sMomClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-29-00, 11:13 AM (CST)
9. "Sorry, Farrah, Sorry, Lisx"

I'm seen Farrah post this particular request (here and elsewhere) several times - the first time in response to one of my posts. Upon reflection, I agree with her: it doesn't make since for people who are stigmatized by one virus to stigmatize people with another. I meant to keep an eye out for people who were making the same faux pas I had been and point it out to them gently, because I'm sure Farrah's getting tired of repeating herself.

Obviously I missed this instance, and now two of my friends are annoyed with one another. Hope you two can get past it.

Farrah, lisx is a great lady who is tres helpful to many many herpsters, and I hope you will forgive an unintentional slight.

Lisx, Farrah doesn't post often, but she reads, and she has made the request - much more politely - before. I hope you will forgive her irritation, and understand her point of view.

For more info on leprosy and lepers, see


Peace to both of you, and I hope I haven't pissed you off more.



lisx Click to EMail lisxClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-29-00, 08:52 PM (CST)
10. "RE: Sorry, Farrah, Sorry, Lisx"
I am not pissed at all. It is just a bad time for me, and I don't take being told off well at the best of times. Right now worse than ever, I am tired and cranky since I got so sick.

Farrah, I have never posted anything with deliberate intention to offend. I use the term leper as society uses it, I should have realised that those who suffer would take offense.

M's mom, thanks for pointing this out.



Rajah Click to EMail RajahClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-28-00, 11:27 PM (CST)
5. "Disgusted, too!"
Bigboy22, I am not here all the time. I have a life, too. If you have something to say to me or questions to ask of me or any of the forum participants, then ask politely. We are here to help, but we do so in a civil fashion.

Do you have it? I don't know as you did not really give much information and besides it is impossible to give a diagnosis via Internet. I recommend that you get to a doctor who deals with this, like a dermatologist, or an infectuous disease doc. If money and or insurance is an issue, you can go to Planned Parenthood where they have a very reasonable sliding scale based on your ability to pay.

If you have read much of our site, you now know that about 1/4 of the population has genital herpes. If you are having sex with multiple partners and then if they are having multiple partners, it is quite likely that you have been exposed to herpes.

Having herpes does not make one a "skank" or dirty, or anything of the sort. Herpes does not define the person.

Again, if you have questions, be polite and we will try to help. Post otherwise and it will be deleted as I did with some of the other posts in this thread.

Have a nice day.



Laurie Click to EMail LaurieClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-29-00, 06:03 AM (CST)
7. "Flip out at WHO?"
LAST EDITED ON Apr-29-00 AT 06:05 AM (CST)

I assume you were a willing participant in this skankiness so you knowingly took your chances, seeing, as you said, they were skanky. So if you were engaging in skanky behavior with two skanky women, well, what does that make YOU?

But more to the point now, it appears that on top of being skanky the poor girls might have herpes, and that's a shame, maybe they don't know -- I mean, did you SEE herpes lesions on them? And you STILL had sex with them? Or maybe they are part of the rather large group who have it and don't get obvious symptoms, so maybe if it turns out you DO have this, and only a doctor can tell you, I hope you are kind enough to politely let them know that they are probably carriers and resist the urge to "go off" on them as if you had nothing to do with the situation which got you into this situation. Just in case they don't know, you know, being skanky and all that. I'm not sure -- does skanky mean ignorant too? Just curious. But you don't have to be ignorant to not know you have herpes.

As for herpes, you would not be alone, but I do have to wonder quite often at the people who come in here in this fashion asking about it -- you want people to help you but you go into a room full of people who you know have it all the while putting down people who have it, that just doesn't make sense. It's not just disrespectful, it's just plain wrong. We're people here, and most of us got it while in good, healthy, wholesome relationships -- not while skanking around. Some got it from rape, or from dishonest or cheating partners, or while knowingly taking a chance in an H+/H- relationship, we run the gamut of "how" in here.

I would strongly suggest you get thee to a doctor in the early stages of the game as it is easier to get a definitive diagnosis. And before and after you do this I suggest you do a lot of reading and become better informed about what you might have and how you might have gotten it. And whether you had sex with girls or skanks I would suggest you treat them like human beings when you give them the news.

What IS a "skank" anyway?



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