"msmom, I got an email from the Dr in mexico"
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will Click to EMail willClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-00, 01:12 PM (CST)
"msmom, I got an email from the Dr in mexico"
its pretty long.. i will post it if you think I should... its really informative.

 Table of contents

I'd like to see it, Will, M'sMom, Apr-18-00, (1)
here you go, will, Apr-18-00, (2)
RE: here you go, Betty, Apr-18-00, (3)
Interesting, but be careful here.., Rajah, Apr-18-00, (4)
I agree with Rajah's assessment..., M'sMom, Apr-18-00, (5)
Very wise..., lisx, Apr-19-00, (6)
RE: Very wise..., Ben Franklin, Apr-19-00, (8)
RE: you guys got it covered, windy, Apr-19-00, (7)
Do you know what gets me?, lisx, Apr-19-00, (9)
I agree with you all, will, Apr-19-00, (10)
RE: I agree with you all, Betty, Apr-19-00, (11)
Im hoping more like 5 yr., will, Apr-19-00, (12)
RE: Im hoping more like 5 yr., Danielle, Apr-19-00, (13)
Clinical trials, will, Apr-20-00, (14)
Be careful, Utah, Apr-23-00, (15)

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M'sMom Click to EMail M'sMomClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-00, 01:30 PM (CST)
1. "I'd like to see it, Will"
You could post it, or e-mail it to me. You can do that anonymously via the forum.



will Click to EMail willClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-00, 02:33 PM (CST)
2. "here you go"

Is there a National Medical Board that certifies this treatment?

A number of years ago, when doctor Ramon Suarez Mendoza -the treatmentīs developer- did his
research and established his lab method to prepare Curative Vaccines, he obtained a direct approval
from the Mexican Health Department (currently, Secretaria de Salud) and he has since applied it in his
private immunology clinic medical practice, for so many years without any complaints or demands from
the many beneficiaries all along. This doesn’t mean that we have neglected the importance of
eventually obtaining an FDA approval, however we still have to overcome the tortuous winding
procedures imposed over the small person, who definitely does not have the same wealth and
resources the great and famous labs have.

Why isn’t this treatment available in the US?

Because we donīt want to delay its use, whilst making it available in the US would probably take us
several years.

How many people have been treated with this vaccine?

Please bear in mind this is no pharmaceutical medicine. It is a personalized treatment, the vaccine being
prepared from a sample of the individual patientīs own blood. It cures several diseases of similar viral
and other types of infections, featuring the same peculiarity, that the invading agent cannot be wholly
detected by the carrierīs immune system. During the last 40 years over 30,000 people have been
cured of about ten such different diseases.

What can I expect as a result of treatment?

You can expect a total cure from it. Weīre talking about a complete clinical cure, i.e., no more
symptoms of any kind related to the disease. Once cured, you will not infect other people, besides
becoming totally immunized against HSV, because you will by then have acquired enough defenses to
fight it off. It remains to be proven from further testing when should the infectious agent disappear from
the blood stream, but the individual becomes resistant against its undermining action.

What has been the success rate?

We donīt have any precise answer to this question, however a fair estimate is above 90%.

What is the procedure of the treatment?

The treatment will "teach" the natural defenses -leukocytes- to detect the foreign infecting agent and to
eliminate it. Treatment starts with a disintoxication period, thus preparing the body to receive it
properly. Later on, from four to six weeks, as the patient starts taking the vaccine -it comes as an
injectable solution- he-she will keep on taking the vaccine three times per week during 18 months.
Approximately, every ten weeks there could be a variation in dose as well as in the strength of the
vaccine, according to the reported record as provided to us by each individual. Symptoms will start
disappearing a few months after treatmentīs start and will be gone for good at end of treatment.

What type of side effects could I expect from the treatment?

None at all, and this is because the subject himself has provided the infecting agent with which the
vaccine has been prepared. No further harm can be possibly caused to the patient in this process of
returning to him the same infecting agent, upon its laboratory transformation into a detectable item for
the immune system. The individualized vaccine is carefully prepared with no strange agents or
substances incorporated in the process, so there is no possibility to provoke any damage to that one
subject whose own blood happened to be "the raw material" for the vaccine. You can fully trust that
this treatment is completely innocuous.

How long is the treatment and how many times will I have to take it?

Treatment for HSV lasts 18 months. The patient himself-herself can self inject themselves three times
peer week over a period of 18 months.

How much does it cost?

A down payment of $950.00 US DLLs. is required upon first consultation and blood sampling , sixty
days later (approximately the time the patient receives his individualized vaccine in a vial with a four
months dosage), comes a second payment of $650.00 US DLLS ; four months later comes a third
payment of $650.00 US DLLS.; four months later a fourth payment of $600.00 DLLS.; and fourth
months later, a fifth payment of $600.00DLLS. After the second and through the fifth payment the
patient will receive a four monthsī dosage, completing the full treatment. A total cost of $3,450. US

Visit Concept Cost

1 Recognition of patient and blood sampling. $ 950.00 US DLLS.

2 Recognition of patient who will receive a

four months dosage. 650.00 "

3 Same as second visit 650.00 "

4 Same as third visit 600.00 "

5 Same as fourth visit 600.00 "

How many visits will I have to make to Merida?

Ideally, you would need to visit our clinic five times, the first one to obtain your blood sampling, and
the next four, upon delivery of second to fourth dosages in order for our physicians to reexamine
patient, which means frequency of visits required is one every four months.

Do you have anyone in the US who has undergone this treatment?

Yes, quite a number of American people have taken this treatment. Problem here is doctor Suarez is
not authorized to release any information, names or addresses. He has never asked or conditioned his
patients in this regard, never before did he expect this might become important. He has never called for
assistance to keep records of patients cured, however UNESVIDA is now aware of the fact and has
taken due measures to satisfy such inquiries in the near future.

Is doctor Suarez Mendoza the person I will meet at the clinic?

No. You will be examined by one of our professional medical doctors, immunology specialists. They
have been trained to apply the treatment. Doctor Suarez just couldn’t possibly take care of
each and every patient himself.

Is doctor Suarez Mendoza a licensed physician?

Medical doctors in Mexico must comply with similar curricula and training as their peers elsewhere, or
in the US. Mexican medical doctors are just as good and up dated as their peers in the US. Many of
them are currently attending patients at US clinics, even Mexican specialized surgeons practice surgery
at US most famed medical centers.

Are the MD standards similar in Mexico to the US?

Yes, they definitely are. Certain difference may arise when speaking of strongly specialized equipment
resources, when some very exceptional, extraordinary, situation may show up, which definitely would
not be the case in this UNIQUE curative vaccine treatment, much ahead of science elsewhere.

Will there be a problem going through Customs with the medicine?

No, none at all, provided you are carrying your own medicine. The vaccine can be compared with
those prescribed and applied by allergists; it contains no drugs of any sort.

Is there any way this treatment could make the problem worse, not better?

There is absolutely no way this treatment could make your problem worse, since it is totally innocuous.

Why does it take sixty days to get the first medicine?

Because the solution you will receive is made out from your own blood sampling and the manufacturing
process takes those few weeks.

Is a lot of blood drawn for the vaccine? Do you have to spend the night at he hospital?

Very little blood is required, say about two or three milliliters (cubic centimeters), while you will spend
no longer than a couple of hours at the clinic during first consultation and blood sampling procedure.

Are you the doctorīs assistant?

No, I am not. We at UNESVIDA are the exclusive licensed distributors thus far authorized by doctor
Suarez. We belong into a group of entrepreneurs and doctors that have gathered together to make this
fabulous treatment available to the thousands of people around the world who would benefit with it.
We have testified to awesome results and therefore purposed to make it accessible to the public at
large. Some of us have worked near doctor Suarez for about twelve years.

What way does the treatment need to be paid for?

Payment can be made in cash or with travelerīs checks. There is a down payment previous to first
consultation and blood sampling, followed by four other smaller payments, as explained above.

Does he help people with arthritis?

Yes, this vaccine treatment could be prepared for infectious degenerative arthritis.

Does the vaccine do anything that would make you unable to drive a car, etc.?

No. The vaccine is absolutely innocuous. No side effects whatsoever. You will just start feeling better
shortly and eventually notice symptoms disappearing until they are all gone for good.

Have you had people with daily tingling and itching, feeling like they are on the verge of a
breakout successfully treated?

Yes, this treatment has been successful with all the different symptoms. The sooner you start to take
vaccination the better.

If a patient wants to go to Mexico for treatment, who should he contact and where is the
place of treatment?

The patient is requested to contact us to make an appointment. Place of treatment is at a local clinic,
"Instituto Medico Quirurgico", in the city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Is the virus still in the body after treatment?

We need further testing to verity when the virus may clear the blood stream after treatment resumption.
Specific tests to this end are rather expensive and the time they would occupy can be expected to vary
from an individual to the other. What we do know is that all symptoms disappear completely and thatīs
the time when we establish the patient has been cured.

Will the blood show any antibodies to the virus after treatment?

Yes, of course, since the action of the vaccine is precisely that of returning the infecting agent in the
proper transformed fashion into the blood stream, so that it will become detected by the individualīs
own immune system; in other words, self antibodies start doing their work, something they just
couldn’t afford before, because virus would hide away partially or totally. The vaccines
deliberately stimulate the immune system, particularly activating the white blood cells. The difference as
a result of having taken vaccination is that antibodies thus generated will be "complete" now, with
enough power to destroy or efficiently neutralize the virus or infecting agent.

We shall be only too happy to answer any other specific questions you may still have.

UNESVIDA. Fernando J. Vega.


Betty Click to EMail BettyClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-00, 02:42 PM (CST)
3. "RE: here you go"
The patient needs to inject him or herself 3 times a week for 18 months -- No thank you! I've heard of booster shots -- but that's a little ridiculous!

Rajah Click to EMail RajahClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-00, 07:40 PM (CST)
4. "Interesting, but be careful here.."
I've got some problems with this. I do appreciate, very much, Wills taking the time to present the information, though.

1. I would be very, very reluctant to inject myself with anything not FDA approved and especially with anything made in Mexico or the "third-world". The injecting myself is not a problem as I have done that before, but with pharmaceutical grade sealed material.

2. There are multiple references to the herpes being in the blood stream. Herpes infection does not work that way, as I understand it. The herpes virus itself becomes part of the DNA of the nerve cells that are infected.

3. There is reference to a "cure". This is not likely due to the scenario described above. I do credit him with some avoidance of saying the virus is gone, but it again involves the statements about the virus allegedly being in the blood stream.

4. The length of the treatment is long. By the time it is complete, you have paid the entire fee, plus your travel costs to Mexico. I also reference my statements in other threads about herpes getting better with time, even if left alone entirely. This could explain many of the "cures" that are touted.

5. There would be no recourse if the "treatments" produced adverse results up to and including life threatening situations. Can you spell SOL??

6. I would, personally, not touch this with a ten foot tamale. Caveat mucho emptor.

Just this one Rajah's opinion and all you muchachos are welcome to your own


M'sMom Click to EMail M'sMomClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-00, 10:55 PM (CST)
5. "I agree with Rajah's assessment..."
....and I have a few additional concerns of my own.

- You will note that nowhere does the letter assert that "Dr. Suarez" is a medical doctor.

- This letter claims that the treatment is "completely innoucuous". Bupkes, and bad medical practice, too. People occasionally have bad reactions to placebos.

- The letter claims that you will not infect another person, but does not address the issue of sub-clinical shedding at all. Even for a third world treatment, this seems a large omission.

- The discussion of tests for determining whether the virus has actually been eliminated make no sense.

- I have never heard or seen a single ancedotal report of anyone having this treatment and getting better, and there are people who will swear to the effectiveness of just about any other sort of snake oil that's turned up. Why is this? You'd think that if 30,000 people have been treated, at least a few of them would be talking. If any of our silent readers have had this treatment, I'd sure like to hear about it.

More free opinions available upon request.



lisx Click to EMail lisxClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-00, 05:16 AM (CST)
6. "Very wise..."
M's mom and Rajah, I agree with the points you made fully.

This guy sounds so much like that chap, whatsisname, Dr. Nick, from the Simpsons. I can just imagine him even talking like that!! Just an observation.



Ben Franklin Click to EMail Ben FranklinClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-00, 06:28 AM (CST)
8. "RE: Very wise..."

Excellent observation Lisx...He sounds like Dr. Nick Riviera not the other doctor....darns whats his name...Dr. Hibert I think. Now if this guy sounded like Dr. Hibert I would definately buy into it.


windy Click to EMail windyClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-00, 05:57 AM (CST)
7. "RE: you guys got it covered"
Not much for me to add except that I think (I'll bet you a box of donuts) I know what he does with your blood. Couple of things he says in that letter lead me to believe that he's doing isopathy - similar to homeopathy - where you dilute the persons blood (or urine) and potentize it the same way you'd prepare a homeopathic remedy. While there might possibly be some merit to this type of treatment for some things (I don't know that there it, just allowing the possibility), it doesn't justify the claims that are being made.



lisx Click to EMail lisxClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-00, 07:00 AM (CST)
9. "Do you know what gets me?"
What gets me is this. Even if this had full government approval, there is no way I would even consider spending that kind of money to cure this virus. The only people who would pay that kind of money are those who are very deeply emotionally and psychologically wounded by HSV, those who live with it but find it impossible to have a life with it. So it is just another case of someone preying on the lonliness and insecurity of people with a socially unacceptable disease. This SO angers me. How many times have we seen it? The best cure we have for herpes at this point is to help those who find it hard to live with come to terms with this virus for what it is. A nuisance. Sometimes a painful one. But not the end of the world.

Love lisx


will Click to EMail willClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-00, 08:10 AM (CST)
10. "I agree with you all"
I hope my post help you all out. I am doing my best to provide relevant information and will also site my information if possible. Since being diagnosed back in Jan, I have swallowed up any information I can about the advances in medicine.
My intent is not to "push" or "promote" anything on this site except HOPE!! Go to www.Genvec.com and read about this company. All this has come about because of the Human Genome Project.... There will be a clinical cure for this and I feel Cantab is going to be the one......

Sorry for rambling but I have to say this.

Also, there are clinical trials going on here in Dallas for a Vaccine, well that Vaccine is the SmithKline Beecham.. maybe thats whey it hasn't been approved yet by the FDA....

Go Cantab....

Have a great day


Betty Click to EMail BettyClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-00, 09:14 AM (CST)
11. "RE: I agree with you all"
Maybe if it was available in Europe(like the Skinner vaccine), I'd be less skeptical. I've only ever been to Cancun -- which is very Americanized. Even there, I wouldn't want to have to get medical care.

I agree with Lisx, he is preying on emotionally unstable people.(and that he reminds me of the guy on the Simpsons -- though I wish Dr. Hibert was my MD) That is an outrageous amount to spend -- especially since NO insurance would even touch that.

By the way, Will. I love your optimism. I do believe with all this research, a vaccine will be available within the next several years. I have big hopes for Cantab also, though 2003 seems a little ambitious for a market date. As for SKB, I can't believe they're still doing trials. When is the one in Dallas scheduled to end? It makes me wonder if it's good or bad to still be in testing. You would hope if it wasn't effective, they would have terminated testing by now, but who knows?


will Click to EMail willClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-00, 12:06 PM (CST)
12. "Im hoping more like 5 yr."
after reading more into Cantabs Fiscial report, I learned that they have an agreement with Genvec. This appears to strengthen their (cantab's) chances of succes. goto www.genvec.com Also, If you dig into Glaxo web page, you will see that they are working on a "gun" like mechinism that is suppose to deliver gene therapy to cells... this might go hand in hand with Cantabs..


Danielle Click to EMail DanielleClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-00, 03:53 PM (CST)
13. "RE: Im hoping more like 5 yr."
Medicine from Mexico is scary! I would not ever do that and I am a daily sufferer. Look at all the problems they are having with that Rezulin. If some horrible side effect happened, doctors here would not even know how to help you because God only knows what you injected yourself with.

Will, I would like to know about the clinical trials here in Dallas though? Is it possible for us to volunteer for them if we live nearby?



will Click to EMail willClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-20-00, 08:49 AM (CST)
14. "Clinical trials"
actually I found the clinical trial here on this site in not sure if it was under treatment or research down there on the left

Utah Click to EMail UtahClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-23-00, 09:35 AM (CST)
15. "Be careful"

Sorry for the huge delay in posting on this subject. ( I have been on vacation ) .

I agree with everyone recommending caution.

I researched this *cure* some time back and it looks like a fraud.

There are many errors in the information they send out.

Ali also reviewed it when she was here and also had many concerns with it.

Be careful.

Utah / Jeff



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