Name: will
Age: 28
Sex: M
Occupation: Business Owner
Year Infected: 1997?
Type: HSV 2 - genital
Prodromes: before antivirals... bad "pins and
needles" in the groin region, sometimes backside and
down the legs. ob every 2-3 weeks
Method of control: Suppressive acyclovir 400mg twice a day

My Story - Not sure who I contracted this from. I'm
guess I contracted this during the winter of 97. I
did not have any noticeable signs or symptoms till Jan
2000. I have been dating my fiancÚ for 3.5 years, and
she was negative when we met but is now positive. She
shows no signs or symptoms (thank goodness). I
started suppressive fall of 2000, Acyclovir 400mg twice
a day and have not had an ob or Prodrome since...
Before I started the pills, I would experience an ob
every few weeks and I believe friction was the cause. 
My spirits are great along with my fiancÚ's. HSV2 is
not an issue for me anymore, life is normal for us..
the first few months of my diagnosis were a different
story. The news came as a shock... We wondered if
life would ever be "normal" again and that we would be
able to have a family.. well, yes life does get
better.. and we will have a family. 

education - graduate school