Name: Tiffany
Age: 39
Sex: F
Occupation: Corp exec
Type: HSV2
Yr Infected: 2000
OBs per year: 2 so far
Prodrome: Friction and soreness

My Story: Went out with a guy last year for a couple of months. Always used protection...always. The relationship went south, and we split amicably. Three months later he calls and wants to meet for drinks. All this time I'm thinking he wants to go out again and I'm framing my response to him as to why it wouldn't work. So then he tells me he has genital herpes and I should go get checked. OK, so I wasn't prepared for THAT topic. I ran to the lab and got every STD test known to man. Negative. However that made me paranoid. So every time I got so much as a pimple below my waist, I was getting tested. Negative, negative, negative...until last month....positive. Oh well.

Interestingly enough it was so incredibly mild that my doc couldn't find the spot I was telling him about...I had to swab it myself. It was barely visible. And the doc said it was the most mild case he'd ever seen. But I suppose its like being "almost pregnant." It is what it is. So I'm now learning how to deal with where to go from here.

Honestly, I hesitate to join support groups because I don't want to quarantine myself...and my biggest fear is that I don't want this "thing" to define me. But, yet, I think there is value in sharing stories. So this is mine. Thanks for listening.

Telling: This can't be an option. I am single and although it will be difficult, I owe it to potential sexual partners to let them know and make their own choice. And so far, the suggestions on how to tell make sense. Thanks for the inputs.