Name: Sweetcums
Age: 38
Sex: F
Occupation: Software Consultant
Year Infected: 1998
Type: HSV I - genital
Not sure; just acquired 1 month ago

My Story: Met a guy on a business trip and hung out with him for 1 week. He had oral HSV (outbreak) and he didn't know he could pass it on. I asked him if he had any communicable diseases and he said no - oops - big mistake! I should have known but I was just as ignorant as him. He made me feel alive again, one thing led to another, so the story goes. One week later I had my first OB and since my sisters have herpes in their life I asked them about it and they said, yup, sounds like you got the gift. I went to the doctor and he confirmed it (he was very supportive - unusual from what I hear). The guy lives in Central America and we planned a rendezvous in Mexico 1 month later. We met and things didn't work out. Now all I have is the memory of him, hummmm. I never thought it would happen to me.

Telling: My sisters and my mom know - they knew before I was actually diagnosed. Told my ex-husband (who still wants to remarry me in spite of it!) and he was very supportive. Don't know how I will tell the next person whom I want to have a relationship with. I know it will come up and I'm hoping the good Lord will guide me (or carry me, if necessary).