me: Skye
Age: 43
Sex: F
Occupation: Singer, entertainer. Work with at-risk teens.
Type: HSV2 and just found out HSV1+  (through Westover Heights testing. I have never had a cold sore.)
Yr Infected: 1983 idea about the HSV1.

OB's per yr: Pretty chronic. For the first 23 years usually 10 to 12 per year. Now, after much therapy, meditation, prayer to resolve some childhood sexual trauma issues, I am feeling healthy and strong. I am so grateful for my health and never take it for granted!

Prodromes: Exhaustion. Slight tingling like my leg is falling asleep, followed by back and leg pain, then the itching.

Method of control: Meds really didn't alleviate my problems - have tried them all. So I figured my health was affected by something deeper than biology. This disease has led me on a long path of self discovery and spiritual awakening. I think the "method of control" for me is acceptance, releasing shame, forgiveness of myself and the one who infected me, and gratitude for the good days, and in fact, gratitude for the whole journey.

My Story: I was 19 years old, in a monogamous relationship with a good and kind man. He was a devout Buddhist. He lived by a strict moral code. He was older than me, responsible. He seemed like someone I could be very safe with. The first time we were intimate, he gave me HSV2. He didn't know he had it. I went to the doctor with him when he was diagnosed. A couple of months later I had a monster of an outbreak, and it's been a rocky road ever since. The relationship fell apart. It seemed horrible at the time, I was suicidal. But I can see now that it all happened for a reason, and led me to where I am now; in a loving happy 17 year marriage to my true
soul mate, with three beautiful children. ; )

Medical Experiences:  It's startling how little doctors are educated about this extremely common condition.  They have not been able to help me at all. You have to educate yourself. This website, and Westover Heights Clinic,  is the best resource I have found.

Telling: It was terrifying and humiliating, as I recall. I cried a lot during those conversations. Before my husband, I only had two other relationships where I had to tell. They were both fine with it, and we were able to have a good sex life. I was most afraid to tell my husband (my boyfriend at the time) because I knew he was "the one", so there was more at stake. All he said was that he loved me, and wasn't worried at all about it, except that he was very sympathetic to what I had been suffering in silence with. He's a good man ; )
We've been together 20 years and he is still HSV-. Yay.

Me and my youngest son, he's my "surprise" child, 2006