Name: Scott P
Age: 27
Sex: m
Occupation: Corporate Sales Executive
Type: HSV-2 on genitals 
Year Infected: 6 years
OB's/yr: 2-6 treated
Prodromes: A few red bumps during short breakouts
My Story:

I remember when I was a freshman at the University of Arizona; I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria with 2 of my boys. A hot blonde chick walked by, she looked very plainly dressed, and sat at the table opposite of us by herself to eat. I wondered why a girl that pretty and thin wasn’t sitting with a crowd of friends (because I was about to have her sit with us!).

One of my friends notices me looking at her, and leans over to whisper, “That’s Rachel, the girl who has herpes, I heard she had sex with just about every guy in the dorm, I bet she’s sorry now.”

“Damn, how do you know she has herpes?” I asked.

“Because everyone knows, that’s why no one will go near her. This chick Lindsay used to be her roommate, and she told her. Then when they stopped being friends, anytime Rachel would be at a party, Lindsay would go around and tell every guy that they better not get too close to her, or they’ll get herpes too, so it didn’t take long for everyone to find out.”

I instantly felt disgusted in the girl. Dirty. I got the “I’m so glad I didn’t get her number” thought in my head. But then I also got the, “Well that’s what happens when you’re a whore!” thought as well.

When I met my first girlfriend in college, we were together for 2 years. I went to college for 1 of those two years….over 100 miles away (she transferred to ASU)….and saw her on the weekends. But of course I knew that she would never cheat on me…we were too close for that!

We broke up when I was 20. I left college to come back to San Diego, to be close to my friends (and I wasn’t getting shit done). When I was 21, I met my 2nd girlfriend. We took it slow (well not at all actually) and used protection for the first few months, then, I just figured that as long as we were exclusive, we shouldn’t need to. She told me she had only slept with 3 other guys, and I had only slept with 4 other chicks at that time, so the chances of any disease being prevalent didn’t even cross my mind. A year went by, we were still going strong, starting to talk about the future, moving in, all that corny shit.

Right before Christmas, I started feeling soreness in my pelvis area, just like an ache. I would touch the sides of my groin and I noticed the flange of my penis had become huge and swollen. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it, I figured it was just infection my body was trying to pass. Until I pissed one night, I stood above the toilet, started to pee, then I felt this burn, like someone literally lit a match right on my pee hole. It was a burn that jolted through my whole body, it hurt so bad my body automatically stopped peeing, and I just doubled over onto the floor clutching myself. All I could think was, “WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!”

After a few minutes it subsided, and I grabbed for a mirror. I looked down there and saw a small, the size of a baby’s pinky finger nail, white lesion. I freaked. I was on the internet faster than a speeding bullet. All the pics I searched on Google for “herpes”, “lesion”, “genital sore”, didn’t look anything like what I had. They all looked like a cluster of small red pimples, when I had a white open sore. I was slightly reassured.

When the next day came, and my blister hurt so bad I could barely get into my car, I knew I had to go the doctor. I was not very open with my girlfriend about it, I didn’t tell her-it must be something else so I figured I’d just go get a test and be sure. I went to an urgent care center, and pissed in a cup.  I started to tear because it hurt so bad. He said I had to wait 7 days to find out, and that the results would be sent to my regular doc. I couldn’t wait that long.

After three days I got an appointment to see my regular doc, by then the blister was bearable, but still painful. My doc said that there was no point in taking another test if I already did one, but he could at least look at it and tell me what he thinks. As I dropped my pants, I asked, “So, you’ve seen what STD’s look like, I mean you can probably guess what it is right?” He said maybe. As soon as he looked at my lesion, I could see the disappointment in his face. He said, “Well, it looks like herpes to me….sorry.”

I just sat there silent. What did you say? You’re sorry? Yeah I bet you are. Then I switched to “but is it possible that its not, I mean we can just wait for the test results”. He agreed that we should wait. The whole drive home I kept telling myself that the doc didn’t know what he was talking about, that logically there was no WAY that I could have herpes. It was just impossible. I had only slept with 4 chicks. I knew dudes who had slept with 30 chicks and didn’t have a STD.

Well as I’m sure you can guess, 4 days later, my Doc called me (in the middle of hanging with my girlfriend mind you), to tell me that the test came back positive for HSV2. Before I freaked out, I calmed myself down enough to ask him the proper treatment procedures… …in the end he was very helpful and motivational.

Well the rest is history.  But, for those of you infected, here is something you all should know… … after awhile, it doesn’t stay that big of a deal!


I have herpes and I'd MUCH rather have that than genital warts.

How many of you have cold sores? Do you think they are appalling, or just a bit of an inconvenience or nuisance at times that doesn't impinge on your life? Well cold sores are herpes, and genital herpes are absolutely no different. The herpes virus is an irritating skin infection, but is recurs very rarely in most people and for me, an outbreak is usually gone and healed in 48 hours from the first sign - and the worst one I ever had was three tiny blisters. No worse than a small cold sore on the mouth.

Warts, on the other hand, also stay in your body for life - they are a virus - and don't go away without treatment. The can also be passed on to future sexual partners without you having symptoms - my friend had never had symptoms of a wart infection himself, but he gave his girlfriend, who had been a virgin until they had sex, a very bad case of warts, that kept on coming back and having to be frozen off. And the hpv that doesn't cause warts can cause cancer.

Yep, I'd much rather have herpes. At least I know 8 out of 10 of you also have the same virus I have genitally! (hsv-2) - on your mouths :-)

BTW - as to condoms and herpes/warts - condoms only provide a protection factor of about 40% against herpes - think of all the skin that isn't covered - and possibly less protection than that against warts. In a study of infection with hpv (warts) amongst college students, over the course of a few years, infection rates were hardly different between those who used condoms consistently and those who didn't. Both are transmitted by skin contact, which condoms provide little protection against.


One in four people will catch genital herpes, and half will become infected with hpv.  In hindsight, I wish I used a condom, but even safe sex practice isn’t a sure thing.  So I encourage those that have tested positive, to stay truthful and educational with your current/future partners…. …and for those that are not infected, stay open-minded and safe.

'Good times don't pass me by! They come over, have a few drinks and call me the next day begging for more!'


Scott P. 

San Diego, Ca.