Name: Remy
Age: 27
Sex: F
Occupation: Clinical Therapist
Date of Onset: 1995

Prodromes: Very vague. At this point, 3 years later, I cannot be sure. Subjectively, I cannot say I have experienced any symptom since onset.

Method of control: Diet, excercise, and hope. Have not used Acyclovir since onset.

My Story: I was 25 years old in 1995 when I discovered I aquired HVS. I had first learned that my soon-to-be husband had the virus and we dealt with the matter together. I offered my support and reassurance. At that time I had no idea that I would experience my first out break 2 months following. And that was acceptable for me. I had not realized that he had been unfaithful nor did I anticipate that our marriage would last only 6 months. He and I had moved to Colorado, he to run from his problems, I, because it had been a dream of mine. So here I was, 1800mi from my family and friends, getting divorced and living with the curse of HSV. His infidelity became clear following the marriage and came to the realization that it was time to leave. Crazy as it may seem, one of the reasons it did last 6 months, in my mind, was due to the fact that I was now tainted with HSV and would never be able to have a successful relationship with someone else. The irony of it was that this tall, awkward girl in high school that couldn't get a date was now a beautiful woman. Only now, beauty doesn't seem to make a difference. And all those years, personality and character sure did not mean a lot. The first two years following my divorce was great. I became a workaholic and adventured Colorado alone. Fulfilling, no. Time consuming, yes. Never had to broach the topic of HSV. Only now, time consuming is getting old and I guess I'm starving for the intimacy and romance I once dreamed of. It horrifies me to have such weight on my shoulders. I live in a very conservative area of Colorado and people can be quite presumptuous. Its difficult to reach out to anyone here. There is a very strong Small Town Mentality to overcome.

Medical Experiences: Cold, judgmental. A young, attractive woman with an STD
seems to carry a stigma of being promiscuous. The only hope I've received is researching the matter on my own.

Telling: After two years of living it up alone, I met someone in Denver through a mutual friend, who is aware of my dilemma. 250mi away. We have shared a few good weekends together and it had felt really great. Until this past weekend it hit me like the end of the world was near when I realized that there is something very important I need to divulge to this person. Something I have not needed to explain to anyone thus far. I need to do this within the end of the months time. Considering the distance I have no idea how to approach this whole situation. But, unfortunately this will probably
not be the last time I will need to do this.