Pregnancy, Babies and herpes - by Georgia :)

Though pregnancy is usually a joyous thing, it does put added stress on the body and can trigger more OBs. The best tip is to eat well (depending on morning sickness), get as much rest as possible (a bit of a joke if you work full-time and spend the rest of your time chasing a 4 yr old), and try to do some exercise (I walked about 2 miles 3 times a week until the weather turned bad). These things can help minimize the stress.

I never took meds during my first pregnancy. During the last few weeks before my due date my doctor just took vaginal cultures to see if there was any sign of H. Since they all came back negative, I had a normal vaginal delivery. No problems! My daughter was fine!

From what I've read, and others I have spoken with, this is the normal process and it is rare to have to go beyond these measures. If your OBs are more frequent, the doctor may decide a c-section is best. However, even with frequent OBs as long as you have had H since before the baby was conceived, many doctors will still procede with a vaginal delivery, covering the infectious area with something. This is due to the natural antibodies your system has built up being passed on to the baby, minimizing the risk of passing on H.

If you get H after you have conceived, this is when the risk is greatest. Your body will not have sufficient time to build up the antibodies, let alone, pass them on to the baby. Plus, if your primary infection is during the 3rd trimester, the viral load is so great that it will overwhelm the baby's system and the results can be devestating.

There are a few things you can do to help make your pregnancy less stressful and better for you and the baby....

First, do make sure your doctor (OB/GYN) is aware you have H. Second, maintain a calendar throughout the pregnancy of when you have OBs starting with the onset of prodromes until the last scab is gone. Keep track of the frequency and the duration. At every doctor's visit, keep him/her informed of any OBs. This will help in the assessment of how to handle your particular situation.

If you doctor is well informed on H or is willing to learn more to assist you during pregnancy, you'll be in good hands...but if your doctor is not well informed and is indifferent, then find a new doctor. There is ignorance about H in the medical field and you deserve excellent medical care especially during your pregnancy.

One more thought...if you are not yet pregnant and have been on supressive meds, you may want to go off meds for a while to see how your body and the H are going to respond. I've read several postings about going off meds. Some indicate no increase in OBs, but others say they sky rocket. You should see how you are going to react. Wednesday, March 24, 1999 - 1:35:19 PM