Name: Paladin
Age: 36
Sex: M
Occupation: Retail Mngmnt/CPA Candidate
Type: Untyped, but in genital area
Yr infected: '97
OBs/yr: 3-4

Prodromes: Flu like symptoms, pinprick pain in genital area, and fullness in penis.

Method of Control: During prodrome Famvir 125 mg twice a day for five days. No meds otherwise. Try to control stress through relaxation, exercise, and personal development.

My story: I contracted Herpes within last four years from one of two ladies. Neither one will say if they have it and both seem to be leading apparent Herpes-free lives. Too concerned with where I'm going in life to hate or be angry.

Medical experience: Dr. very clinical and professional. I didn't feel judged, but I didn't feel helped, either.

Telling: This is my first experience of truly admitting what I have and I don't look forward to telling my next partner. I have told a close lady friend because I needed to talk. She was supportive and nonjudgmental; which I knew she wouldn't be. Mom's an RN case manager, she knows, and she keeps me abreast of some medical news -- not only Herpes but on the Saudi Syndrome as well. I suggest telling someone, even if it isn't a sex partner, who you can rely on for support.