Name: Orion

Currently being determined
Yr. Infected:
Possibly the summer/Fall of 1999
OB's per year:
Only 1 so far

tingling sensations in genitals.

Method of control: So far, lysine. If shedding is proven to be reduced, I'll consider medications for the added protection of my partner.

My Story:
About 4 days after I had protected sex and received oral sex from my girlfriend at the time I started getting tingling/burning sensations in my genital area. A few days later an abrasion (like the first layer of skin was rubbed-off) appeared on the tip of my penis. By the time I went to the doctor (2 days later) it had healed. But when I described the tingling/under the skin burning sensations, my doc’s eyebrows raised and said, “It could be herpes.”

After bringing this to the attention of my girlfriend, she flipped, and she pointed an accusatory finger in my direction and threatened to sue me if I gave her herpes. This reaction was a shocker, and a nice revelation into her character that had previously not surfaced. Needless to say I have moved on and am now single.

Medical Experiences: None, except the initial visit, but every now and then, I get mild tingling and the feeling of a mild burning under my skin around my genitals. I've never had these feelings before, and I'm currently having to argue with my doctor to get a Western Blot test.

I haven't met a woman yet that I had to tell. But even though I'm sure I have it, I haven't been diagnosed, but I still feel obligated to tell any partners about the situation so they can make a decision as to whether I'm worth the risk :- )

But I have decided, whether its HSV1 or HSV2 causing my symptoms, I'm not going to let this virus affect any aspect of my life. I'm still going to seek that same special someone just as I have in the past.