Name: Monroe
Age: 43
Sex: F
Occ: Playwright
Type: HSV2 genitals
Yr infected: 90
OB per year: First four years, about 1 a month, now 6-8 a year

Prodromes: slight itching

Method of control: Was on Zovirax, first four years, only took it when I had an outbreak or when I thought I was going to have one. I wanted to go on suppressive therapy, but it was too expensive. I have tried herbs, lysine and zinc -- I haven't really noticed a difference when I take them.

My story: I believe I got it from a one night stand who did not tell me. I remember a weird, scared look he got on his face after we had sex and he ran to the bathroom... We did not use a condom. I was irresponsible at the time and stupid.

Telling: I have told my Mother and my two sisters. Also some girlfriends. I shy away from relationships... I have been close to telling some guys when I thought sex was going to be an issue, but the relationships fell apart for other reasons, so I have really never "told." And I am terrified of rejection.

Medical Experience: I could not get a positive culture. My doctor said that I didn't have herpes if the culture was negative. I educated him. Told him about the Western Blot which came back positive for HSV2. He still didn't get it. I had to beg him to give me more than two prescriptions of Zovirax per year. I told him, "You know, this is something that is not  going to go away after I take these pills! AND I have 12 Outbreaks per year!!!!" Then he finally gave me a prescription, "as needed."