Name: Molly O'Reilley
Age: 28
Sex: F
Occupation: Gardener, just graduated with a degree in Biology/Botany. Want to go into urban ecology, permaculture and environmental landscape architecture.
Status: Single mom, one daughter.
OB's per yr: still on my first one.

History: Promiscuous as a youth, and in a few long-term unprotected relationships, I have no idea where or when I might have picked it up. My current (possibly soon-to-be-ex) young man may even be the carrier who transmitted it, as my symptoms fit those of a true primary infection.

Diagnosis: Culture of active lesion in center of vulva, initially believed to be a bacterial infection brought on by chafing during a typical yeast infection. Turned out not to be--I don't know yet what type of HSV. Am currently on Acyclovir for the active infection,
looking into long-term treatment with medicine and oxygenation.

Other: My current relationship will probably not survive this, as kind of a last straw, but I will seek someone who can truly accept me as I am, and who will help me be very careful about this condition, and love me in spite of it. I hope this trial will help make me a better and stronger person, as compensation for the pain and aggravation. I am trying to look toward the future with confidence rather than fear, and will need to actively suppress my typical stress levels.