Name: Meg
Age: 38
Sex: Female
Occupation: Advertising Computer Graphic Design Artist
Type: Untyped - at least have HSV2, possibly HSV2 orally or HSV1, don't know
Year Infected: January of 1998
OB's per yr: One OB in April after first primary OB

Prodromes: Stabbing pain in groin, armpits, anywhere at any given time

Method of Control:
Choose to use Lysine, 1000-2000 mg daily, depending on whether prodromal is more active or not, whether I'm achy/tired/fatigued. Use Valtrex only when an outbreak gets out of control. That is, if an outbreak gets to the point where I have genital skin eruptions, I take it until they're gone-but it gives me horrible headaches, so don't take it for suppressive medication.

My Story: Thought I was liberating my inhibited sex life, trusted the word of friends I made on-line that they were clean. Don't know who gave it to me, could be one of several different people, all of whom still persist in their clean and innocent status.

Telling: "The Conversation" has been had with several friends early on during the
primary OB, and I have observed that even someone who has a non-sexual relationship that involves a certain degree of emotional attachment can still be rocked back on their heels with the news. Told last sex partner of my situation when primary OB took place, assuming he'd been the one to infect me. Haven't had a new sex partner yet, haven't decided how to approach the talk yet either.