Type-HSV-1 (first outbreak on genitals)
Year Infected-July 4th 2003
OB'S/yr-not sure
Prodromes-itching, burning, fever


My current boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months now and up and till now I did normal, teenage things, including having sex. I have had sex with one person before my current boyfriend and was always very careful up until I was put on birth control. On the Fourth of July my boyfriend had a cold sore and at that current time neither him nor I knew that you could get herpes from oral sex. I had always thought that it was more or less a tactic to scare kids and it really didn't happen to anyone, especially people like me. To my dismay I was very wrong! 

At first I thought it was a yeast or bladder infection caused by my birth control, wrong again! When it got to the point that I could not urinate and would literally scream and cry when I just couldn't hold it any longer I would try but it hurt too bad! My gyno couldn't see me at the time and the ER wouldn't test me so I had to go to a clinic on Saturday. What happened to me there was the most horrible thing and I don't ever wish that upon anyone. Thank god my mother was there to comfort me. I know I couldn't done it alone! The doctor that just took one look and said "Yep, that's HERPES!" I think a piece of me died right there and I couldn't do anything but cry. They prescribed  VALTREX 1GM for ten days and then a suppressant. They also gave me a numbing gel called LIDOCAINE VISCOUS so I could urinate because I got to the point where I was dehydrating myself just to keep from peeing.

I went home later that day and as my mother told my immediate family, I told my boyfriend. He blamed the guy that took my virginity but I had to confirm to him that it was indeed him that gave it to me. At first he said we needed time apart but there was no running from this and now we are fine. I am almost at the end of my first outbreak and I have told only close friends just to inform them because no one should have to go through this at all, much less go through it at my age. I have had to do a whole lot of growing up in very little time and had to take on a lot of new responsibilities that I am not really ready for but...I have it and now I have to deal. Always hope for the best...prepare for the worst...but hope for the best!