Name: JW
Sex: M
Age: 24
Occupation: Stock Trader
Yr. Infected: Sep 2000

My Story: Married to HSVII+ wife for 3 yr. She didn't know she had it until after we were together, then began having OBs every 1-3 mo, more so recently. We split up last spring and the H was a factor for me - I didn't want to get H for a bad relationship. 2 mo later we got back together. I fell in love again, and decided that I would rather be H+ and with her than H- without her. Last week I got my first OB. Very minor, 100% gone in 3 days, no flu sickness. This is what I had been stressing about for 3 years,
and for me so far, it is NOT a big deal.

I now have a research hobby and I am probably healthier because I am paying so much attention to what I eat. I believe that for most people, there does exist a way to kill this bastard of a virus without the traditional Rx meds - we just don't know enough yet. This forum is a great place to share information and experiences.

Other stuff about me:
I'm a total vegetarian, or try to be
I live in Florida, USA
I am against the war on drugs.