Name: JoLow
Age: 51
Sex: Female
Occupation: Artist (Oil painting)
Year Infected: 1976
OB's per year: Variable

My Story:
I am female, 51, an artist (oil painter) and was infected about 1976. Almost always, my symptoms have occurred on my backside near the spine. My husband of 20 years has never shown any symptoms, I think we have been lucky because of the location of the outbreaks and the fact that although we are very affectionate and loving, our sex is infrequent. Actually, I didn't know what it was for a long time, my doctor had no clue, thinking it was a pylatic cyst. Only in the last ten years have I realized what it was, and have taken Aclyvar with ExecNet results for my very infrequent attacks, for years now until recently, when it stopped working as well for some reason. I have had an on and off bout with the deamon now for a month or so. Maybe this is because I had gone crazy with eating soy products, nuts and beans. That is what has brought me to the net for information. So now I am using Exanol alternately with the aclyvar, and watching the diet again. Swimming frequently in chlorinated water helps me, also lots of yoghourt and milk
products, good sleep and happy thoughts.