Name: Jessica
Age: 18
Sex: F
Occupation: Student
Type: Hsv 1
Yr. Infected: 2003
OB's per yr: 1 in the last 4 months
Prodromes: Feels like cuts down there , swollen gland
Method of Control: Vitamin C pills

My Story: I'm Still not sure who might have given me the disease. I was messing around with a guy back in November who I didn't use protection with. He gave me Chlymidia. I got back together with my long time former boyfriend and I thought we would be able to start a new relationship when I found out I had Clymidia. It was hard for me to tell him that but after words everything was okay. About 2 months later I kept getting itchy down there and kept thinking I was allergic to the Laundry detergent. After a few weeks I keep feeling I had cuts in my vaginal area and thought it might have to do with me shaving down there. A week after I felt a bump and soon I started seeing like skin opening. I seemed to have a UTI at the same time so using the bathroom was painful and I couldn't sleep so I was rushed to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with genital herpes.

Medical Experiences: I went to the emergency room and the doctor did a routine check of my genital area. She left the room to get a culture and I asked her what she thought it might be. She didn't answer me until she came back. When she told me it looked like herpes and there was a very little chance it was anything else I felt my life pass before my eyes. I thought everything would be over for me and that surely my boyfriend would leave me. She gave me medication for every STD in the book and sent me home with some Valtrex. The Valtrex didn't help at all and I went into a severe depression.

Telling: I am blessed to have wonderful friends and wonderful parents. I only told 3 of my friends as well as my mother and stepfather. My mother told me I wasn't alone that it was just something that happened and I would have to deal with it. I was more worried about what my boyfriend would think than anyone else. I called him when I got out of the hospital and told him what the doctor might think. He was very upset and told me that 1 disease he let pass but the second he wouldn't. I still haven't told him for fear of him leaving me but I did explain to him a lot of things about the disease. I felt much better when I researched it and found out how many people had it. I was diagnosed with Hsv-1 so technically he could have given it to me as well since it is the oral one.