Name: Jamie
Age: 18
Sex: F
YR Infected: 1998
Occupation: Dancer
Type: HSV-2

Prodromes: I only display symptoms during OBs. It hurts when I urinate.

Method of Control: When I was first diagnoised, I was given some pills to take for five days and the symptoms have yet to recur.

My Story: I work at a tanning salon/strip club. My two bosses came down one
weekend, and my good friend that worked with me and I decided we'd go out with them, but not before I got completely trashed (drunk). I was so drunk I could not drive my car, and I never get that drunk. So my friend drove my car. We ended up going to a lot of bars (even though I don't remember that part of the night, but my friend told me that so I believe her!). We ended up at a hotel room. They had to carry me up to the room. The second I got in there I passed out on the bed. My friend ended up leaving with one of my bosses, leaving me drunk and alone with this guy. When I woke up I was completely naked and scared! I found my clothes quietly, left and never looked back! I went to the doctor the next week three times, and received the worst news of my life. I have herpes! I was suicidal for about two weeks after that! I thought I'd never be able to be close to someone again!! My best guy friend has helped me immensely. He is awesome! Even though he plans on killing the guy that did this to me!! Life is getting better!

Telling: I had the worst time telling my mother; not that I thought I might have something, but that I actually had sexual intercourse! My whole family is into that whole high society bullcrap, and I was the little innocent princess. Not any more, regardless of the fact that it really wasn't my fault!