Name: J
Age: 29
Sex: F
Occupation: Behavioral Neuropsychology
Type: HSV 2
Yr. Infected: November 1996
OB's per year: 6

Prodromes: Fatigue, low-grade fever, sore throat, & tingling sensations in genitals. Sometimes I get leg pain and headaches.

Method of control:
I'm still debating about using meds. For the time being I watch my diet, exercise, take vitamins, and try to get plenty of sleep. I still get frequent OB's but they are milder.

My Story: I contracted it from my boyfriend at the time. We had been seeing each other for about 4 months. He did not tell me he had it. My anger never subsided and my trust in him was lost forever. We broke up about a year later. I think I stayed with him out of fear but it was killing me inside. I went into severe depression for about 8 months and ironically it subsided a few weeks after we broke up. Although I'm scared to start another relationship, I'm much happier now that he has been removed from my life. Life is good!

Medical Experiences: I went in at the first sign of infection. The doctor thought it was a yeast infection. For some reason I suspected it was herpes and asked her to culture it. Because she thought it was a yeast infection I did not get warned about touching it, effects of it, etc. I used the yeast medication and it made things MUCH worse. I called the next day and asked for acyclovir. Again, no information was giving to me. It took 3 cultures to get a positive one (6 months). At no point in time was I ever educated about herpes by any of my doctors. Thank God for the Forum and other websites!

Telling: Haven't had the pleasure yet-not looking forward to it.