Name: Eeyore
Age: 39
Sex: M
Occupation: Recent, Ph.D., expect to start job as professor in autumn (will keep you posted)
Type: Genital?
Year Infected: 1981
OB's per yr: 0 - 4

Prodromes: Needle-like stabbing pains. Years ago the muscles in my inner thigh would ache.

Method of Control: Eat well, exercise, get a handle on it emotionally. No drugs.

My Story: (oh golly) Got it from a prostitute in the Phillipines while in the Navy. She did not tell me beforehand. No doctor, just and overworked Navy Corpsman who looked at some 100s of cases of STDs daily, and probably didn't enjoy it. I was diagnosed and sent on my way.

Telling: Not my strong point. I haven't told in the past, don't recommend this approach. In the future I intend to just come out, as I'm getting kind of tired of this herpes-as-sexual-leprosy attitude which society has.
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