Name: Dave
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic
Type: HSV2
Yr. Infected: 1991
O.B.'s per yr: 0 - 4

Prodromes: Flu like symptoms, with muscle ache and itching.

Method of Control: Eating well, plenty of rest.

My Story: I received Herpes from a woman I started to date when I was bartending part time. I never saw her after our first romantic interlude. The next relationship I had, this woman had an outbreak, which was diagnosed as HSV-2. About 10 days after her outbreak, I had my first major outbreak. We stayed together for 4 years after and the relationship eventually failed.
Herpes was a factor in this, but not the major issue. I traveled a great deal, which was the main reason for her to leave. I haven't dated since, this was 1996. I haven't had the nerve to get out and date since her leaving me, the emotional destruction of that and my mothers death all in the same month, took a major toll emotionally. I do get out, and am cautious in the dating scene. When I do get involved again, I will tell this woman. It has been a major uplift in my life to have found the forum. Of all the things which I have
done, interacting with the people there, has been one of the most positive experiences I can think of.