Name: Cybercat

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Occupation: QA inspector for a computer company, photographer

When Infected: July 1995

Type: Doc never told me, but I think it's HSV-2

Outbreaks: I usually have to deal with somewhere between two and four of them a year. They usually take the form of a dull ache, and one or a few red spots that disappear in about 10 days, but the last one was worse than usual, a group of blisters. Usually they are preceded by a dull ache or itching in the area. The primary outbreak I had was another matter, I was in extreme pain and I was hardly able to walk for almost two weeks. I had all they classic symptoms, except I didn't get a fever or the terrible malaise that are many herpes's victim's lot. The outbreaks stay in the same place and don't seem to be egged on by many of my vices, such as caffeine, chocolate and being in the sun on occasion. Stress is definitely the tripwire that sets off an outbreak for me.

How I Control my Herpes: I've been very lucky in that my outbreaks are so mild that drugs aren't needed to make life bearable. I just exercise and try to as healthy a diet as possible. hard as it is for me, I also try to relax and not stress over things I really can't change anyway. Lifting weights also helps me to keep my stress down, by burning off all that energy. Finally, I just take things one day at a time and don't dwell on it.

Medical Experiences: I was diagnosed by a doctor who caused me to feel like some oily slime sucked out of a sunken submarine being salvaged, I'm a very hardened individual from prior life experience, but that really got me in a tail spin. The way he told
me I have herpes suggested he wasn't very sympathetic at all to my plight. He also told me I'd have to use condoms for the rest of my life, unless the lady has herpes too. Well, I don't mind condoms per se, but I left, fled the building really with a 'scription for Acyclovir in hand. I was on that drug for two weeks, it did something for me for the nearly unbearable pain was subsiding within a couple of days, I was in the third or fourth day of my primary outbreak before the doctor figured out what was wrong with me.
For the next year after my primary outbreak, the following occurrences were severe but by the end of the next year they were much milder and came far less often. At first they came one after another, but I've gone for at least six months before I had the last one.

My Story: Not much to tell here, except it all started with an ill advised encounter with a woman I didn't know very well. We had been having sex with condoms before, but I stopped using them. Either she had herpes and didn't know, or she knew and chose not to tell me, but it means little to me at any rate. I had been alone for a long time and had a fling with her, neither of us intended to be in a committed relationship. That coupled with poor judgment led to this situation. I never had a chance to find out which was which, for shortly after I got the "Unwanted Gift" I moved to Mobile Alabama. In short, I had to learn the hard way that it's a jungle out there, I just thank God I didn't get anything worse.