Name: Cody/Goof
Type: 2
Yr. infected: 1999
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Occupation: Intranet Applications Specialist
Prodromes: itching
OB's per yr.: Seams like 1 every two months now
Method of Control: Zovirax I think (big blue things?) non suppressive
My Story: I got it when dating a young lady, and on my 1st ob I didn't think to
much of it, it was small and went away very quick (was using condoms, and
was rationalizing it), the 2nd one was also small but thought something
was up and went to get tested. Was told it was just some rash/infection
and was given some antibiotics.

Now months pass(~6+), never and an ob that I remember more than an itch,
but started dating a young girl who ended up getting a rash and testing
positive after 3 weeks of tests. (using condoms every time)

I go test again (before we even have her 1st results), test negative and told
must be "jock itch", finally her test came in saying she has herpes.
Months later I finally get an OB, and what an OB it was. Test positive
visually but also ask for the swab test. (AND IT HURT!)

The girl who gave this to me won't talk to me ever since I asked about
STDs. (before I tested the 1st time)

I've only told two people on the internet, and one person in reallife, My boss
who had sex w/ that same girl that gave it to me, and who was started to
date another girl who I care for.