Name: Canada Goose
Age: 36
Sex: F
Occupation: Director of Adm., Purchasing
Type: HSV2 (blister on genitals) and HSV1 since childhood (cold sores on lips) - I like to say, "I'm doubly blessed!"
Yr. Infected: HSV2 since 1995
OB's per yr: about once a month if not on meds

Prodromes: Tingling, itching at site of ob.

Method of Control: Famvir, 250 mg twice to three times daily (still working on right dosage) , regular exercise, positive attitude (and getting better daily).

My Story: My ex-common-law hubby infected me. I knew he was infected
before we started having sex but he didn't realize he could transmit it
when asymptomatic. I didn't bother getting better educated about it and
relied on his knowledge. The rest is history.

Medical Experiences: I didn't get checked out during my primary ob because I knew what it was immediately. Since I was in a long term relationship and thought it was "forever," it was no big deal. When the relationship was ending I went to a STD clinic and they took cultures twice with negative results. They still gave me prescriptions for zovirax based on my description of my symptoms. I now educate my doctor. She prescribed Famvir when I showed her study results on the effectiveness of Famvir. She
loves it when I visit her because I basically tell her what to do. (moral of the story: Doctors are only human).

Telling: I've told three times now. The first time was a little hard but after that, it was much easier. I had varying levels of sexual intimacy with all of them and all three are still friends today. I've learned to accept what people are willing to give me. I like myself too much to be dragged down by this minor annoyance and I respect potential partners too much to even consider not telling.

On the issue of rejection from telling: I figure if I get rejected after telling then it is good for me that things didn't progress further. I like to think of it as a relationship test which only we special H folks are privileged to use.