Name: Calypso
Age: 28  in Aug. 99
Sex: F
Yr. Infected: 1998
Type: HSV2 (I think)

Prodromes: Tingling in hamstring and general muscle ache.

Method of Control: I try to eat healthy and keep a positive attitude. I also take Zovirax 400 mg once a day. I have no side effects from it and have not had an outbreak since my primary. I am planning to go off it after year 1, since I have gathered that that is the worst time for most people. If I get regular outbreaks, I will probably go back on it.

My Story: I was infected by my best friend. We have been living together for three years (only one year romantically involved). He told me that he had once thought he had herpes, but had tested negative. Only after I contracted it did he let me know that his ex-girlfriend and him experienced the same symptoms. He was visually diagnosed with Herpes, but was too far along to get a culture done. When one was done it came out negative and he was told that he only had a sweat gland infection. We are sure that he actually has it and got a false negative. He rarely has outbreaks, maybe one a year, so has not been able to get another culture done. This was a totally monogamous
relationship and the first time I have ever had unprotected sex. Guilt has been an issue,
but we are slowing moving past it. I have accepted responsibility for my decision not to
use condoms and do not blame him. He was shocked, but very supportive. I cried and
yelled and turned to complete silence. My primary was very painful, but did not include any of the fever/flu symptoms that many other have.

Telling my friend was hard because I knew he would feel guilty. I have not told anyone else. I do want to tell my parents, but I can't imagine their reactions. While I know they will always love me I can't see hurting them right now. Not until I have a
better idea of how herpes will fit into my life. How disruptive it is, etc. I know I will have to tell new partners because my friend and I are not destined for "forever" in a romantic sense. We are just enjoying now. I can't imagine how hard that is going to be to tell and really prefer not to think about it now.