Name: Brenda
Age: 40
Sex: F
Occupation: Home-based medical transcriptionist

Infected: 1985
OBs per year: 3-4 approx.
Symptoms: burning on inner thigh
Method of Control: Famvir.

My Story: My husband gave me herpes while we were dating. I felt trapped at that point. We had a lot of problems, but I was determined to make this work, because I JUST KNEW that NOBODY would want me! Oh crud, what a bad idea. Oh, we had a few good years when the kids were babies, but those days are long gone, and me and the kids will be leaving here in late winter 2000 - early spring 2001, as soon as I get enough money put aside to start over. We've been down this road before, and I caved and gave him yet another chance. But that was just another mistake. He has broken every promise to me and destroyed any feelings I had left for him. I feel quite dead inside right now, and I have hit bottom. I guess the reason I am out here is to find out if there is hope for a happy life for me someday. Do we have to have a second rate life because of a blister here and there? Don't get me wrong, I would never wish this on anybody. I guess I am just looking for some answers, some encouragement.

Medical Experience: First doctor thought I had a yeast infection. I just had itching, so that made sense. Three days later I couldn't even sit down, much less go "potty" YYouch!!!. Second doctor took cultures and called me a few days later. Felt like driving into a brick wall when he told me. My current doctor told me Famvir is a very good medication, and it has shown to actually reduce the number of OBs as you take it. Seems to be going OK.

Telling: I have told a lot of people just in the past year. Most people don't really get too overly scared off with it. But a lot of people out there seem to think there is a CURE for it. I don't think there is a cure for any herpes virus truly.