Name: Becca.
Age: 20
I was diagnosed with HSV 2 in May of 2002.

Medications: I take 400mlg. acyclovir twice a day. I usually forget to take it most of the time. I've had severl outbreaks but they are not bad. They usually come if I'm super stressed out.

Occupation: Server

My prodomes: Leg pains, fever, itching, but mostly pains in my legs, hips, butt, sometimes toes.

My Story: I was with a guy for about 8 months. I found out that he had been sleeping with at least one other person. I had only slept with 3 people so I'm pretty sure he's the one. I found a sore "down there". I went to the doctor the next day and was told that I had herpes. I handled it very well at first. I told the guy and by his response I'm pretty sure he knew that he had it. I was very devastated. I cried for about two weeks straight. A huge part of me wanted to die. I felt like no one would ever be able to love or accept this, I wasn't even sure that I could accept it. Every bit of self esteem was gone. I felt like I was in a horrible nightmare and it was never going to end. Plus I was in horrible pain. I thought why me? This isn't fair. I didn't sleep around. I don't deserve this. The truth is no one deserves it.

Now: Six months later I have a completely different outlook. I don't even think about herpes anymore. About a month after I found out I met a guy. I liked him a lot, but I thought it was too soon. Somehow I got the courage to tell him. He was great. It's not even an issue in our relationship. We have a normal wonderful relationship. We now live together and are planning on getting married. We have a great sex life. The herpes thing is just something that will always be there, but I now know that life isn't so bad. I know that I am loved no matter what. I have wonderful friends and family, who support me. I want to share my story for other people out there who think they are alone. You are not. To all of those who think their life is over. It's not. It takes time but day by day you will feel like yourself again. I am the same person I was a year ago. Life is Great!