Name/handle ~ April
Sex ~ F
Age ~25
Yr infected ~ ?
Occupation ~ sahm
OB’s per year ~ will soon find out
Diagnosed ~ 9/99

Prodromes ~
Horrid leg pains (neuralgia?) usually on back of thighs sometimes back of calves and ankles, sometimes tingling and itching.

Methods of control ~
None yet, will be learning more and sometime soon decide.
For now, vitamins.

My Story ~
In the last week of my pregnancy, I noticed a very sore spot on my perineum. I pointed it out to my Obgyn at my 40 week appointment. She suspected herpes and took a culture. She informed me that we could wait a few days for the culture to come back and if positive, perform a cesarean, or go ahead with the cesarean. She also informed me of risks. I was terrified. It seemed like she thought it would be best to go ahead. I couldn't tell though and she didn't give me a whole lot of information. She handed me a pamphlet and not much more. I was so confused because I just was in such shock. My husband and I had (have) been together for a very long time. We both did have intimate relationships with other people before we were married, though. I had always thought I would certainly know if I had “something”.

He and I discussed it and decided to go ahead with the scheduled cesarean. At that point, my thinking was that if I had herpes I didn't want to take the chance of my waters breaking. I had a pretty awful experience with having a c/s, but that's another story. We didn't tell any of our family or friends our reason for it (and still haven't). My husband has been very supportive. Weave talked about it a couple times and he says he's sure he doesn't have it. I am thinking he will probably need to go in for the blood test (western blot?) to be sure.

My doctors office called about two weeks later to let me know that the culture came back positive. I was again in shock and I had really hoped that they would be calling to say nope, you are okay. I would have been elated, c/s and all. I didn't ask any questions, just said thanks and hung up. It was such and awkward moment. I am not going back to her. Looking back, I cannot believe how cold and uninformative she was. I am now interviewing for a new doctor and will get my records sent over. I do not know what type I have yet, but I'm assuming it is type 2. I will speak with the new doctor about
my records and suppression. After reading on the internet recently, I have learned that I have probably had this for a few years. I will explain in Medical Experiences.

Medical Experiences ~
Awful so far. After reading about herpes, I have recognized some of the prodromes as symptoms I've had for years. Probably about 4 or 5 years ago I started having horrid leg pains (back of thighs, calves, ankles). I kept going into my doctor and I think he thought I was nuts. He sent me to a specialist. I even had a CAT scan. Now I think they were nuts. Then, about a year ago I started having occasional discomfort urinating and some frequency/bladder pressure. My Obgyn (the one who delivered my son) thought I had bladder problems while my primary care physician kept telling me I had a UTI. I ended up going to a urologist that was very rude to me and then I found out I was pregnant so I didn't go back. I am really hoping to find a knowledgeable doctor that actually cares. I am breast feeding my son so I'm not quite sure what is safe, what's not and such. I will need a good Obgyn as well as a good physician because I would really like to have more children and hope to not have to have a c/s again.

Telling ~
My husband, there in my Obgyn’s office and my son's pediatrician.
I guess that’s not really “telling” though.