NAME: Anni
TYPE: HSV-1 (genital)
AGE: 24
SEX: Female
OCCUPATION: student/retail manager
PRODROMES: tenderness throughout my back, thighs & genitals... & itchiness if 
I don't do something right away-- which I always do now. 
OB's per YR.: was once a year, now it every two years
METHOD OF CONTROL: Zovirax when needed... and L-lysine vitamins in between if 
I'm not sure
MY STORY: I was 18, dating a guy, he went down, I got herpes, he stills 
claims he never gave it to me (that was back in the day when they said you 
couldn't get genital herpes from oral ones). The ER was more traumatizing-- 
the staff there treated me like I was a whore. The nurse told me I could 
never have sex again and the doctor told me I would never be able to have 
children. Needless to say, I got a second opinion (and more every day). 
TELLING: My entire family knows, my friends know, & I've dated quite a few 
men since then (and they all were told-- even if we weren't active together). 
This is the first time I will tell strangers though... of course y'all are a 
good group to tell! 
THANKS: I wanted to add some thank you's in here. This site is amazing, and 
I'm sorry it took me 7 years before I read it. And thank you to all of you 
who put your stories in here and updates... and the discussion board. It's 
great, and it makes me feel a lot better. We're never alone... that's nice!