Name: Ang
Age: 23
Sex: F
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Type: ??
Yr. Infected July 2001
OB's per yr: Depends

Prodromes: Tingling in the left leg, itching, and discharge

Method of Control: Valtrex

My Story: Had a friend that I had sex with plenty of times since 1998; called him my "friend with benefits." Unfortunately, we had sex one night and 2 days later it hurts to pee and I can barely walk. I went to the doctor on the 4th day and he diagnosed me with HSV (donít know which type). I called my "friend" about it and he said he had gone to the doctor the day before (which he never bothered calling me and telling me he was doing) b/c it was burning when he urinated, but he tested negative for everything. It wasnít until about 6 months later I researched and found out herpes is not in your routine STD screening. He had no blisters so of course he came back negative!! Anyway, needless to say I was too ashamed to tell him what the doctor said I had, so I just blew it off and told him my tests hasnít come back yet. I havenít talked to him since to tell him of my status.

Medical Experiences: My doctor was an idiot! He told me that I could still have unprotected sex when I wasnít having an outbreak and that if I was having an outbreak, to just use a condom!!! Thank goodness I didnít take his advice, b/c I later found out after researching he was totally wrong, which a lot of doctorís seem to be when it comes to herpes.

Telling: I have only told one person and that is my current boyfriend. We started dating June 2002 and are still together. I am pregnant now and we are buying a house and will get married after the baby is born. Telling him was very scary b/c I had never told anyone before, not even my friends. I was scared and crying but he took it very well and didnít care about herpes. He has been very supportive and I am so glad I took the chance to tell him instead of pushing him away!!!