Name: Amanda
Age: 41
Sex: F
Occupation: Paralegal
Volunteer Work: Co-Moderator & Co-Organizer of Houston H Friends social group.
Former coordinator of New York HELP (herpes support group) and founder of NY
Social Group (herpes social group). I moderate several yahoogroups for herpes,
HPV and vulvodynia.
Type: HSV2 and HPV
Yr. Infected: 1995
OB's per yr: hardly ever -- maybe one every 2 years or so

Prodromes: Occasionally

Method of Control: Valtrex

My Story: My herpes story has been published in the February 2003 issue of
Female Patient Magazine. A more detailed version was ran in Silver Lining News,
the free quarterly HSV and HPV newsletter published by me and some others in the
NY herpes community. Email me at herpny at yahoo dot com for a copy of my story.

Medical Experiences: See my story.

Telling: See my story.

Updated 11-1-2006