Name: Valkyrie
Sex: F
Age: 30
Occupation: Geographer/Massage Therapy Student

Infected: July 2000

My Story: I was infected somewhere in July 2000. I got it from a guy who was totally honest with me before we did anything. I applaud him because that took a lot of courage. Anyway, he said he had only had two outbreaks in his life and they weren't a big deal. My sister is also HSV+ and she said she only had a couple of very minor outbreaks, no big deal, so I felt that I was pretty well informed. So, I made my decision to go ahead with the relationship. What I did not understand is that I could get it even if my partner was not having an outbreak. Anyway, we slept together and the next day he called and said "we need to talk." We met for coffee and he said that he started an OB about 4 hours after we were done. I hoped that I wouldn't get it but I guess my karma ran out at the wrong time.

About a week after he told me about his OB I started feeling REALLY sick. Every joint in my body ached, I was so tired I could barely stay awake. The next day I had a fever of 103, I had terrible burning and itching everywhere in my genital area etc. I went to see my Doctor's Physician's Assistant the next day (the only appointment I could get) and she was WONDERFUL. I told her I thought it was herpes and she took samples and kept apologizing for causing me more pain. She then did a pelvic exam. She concurred that I probably have herpes but also diagnosed me with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and she was much more concerned about it at that point. So I left the Dr's office with prescriptions for Famvir (1500 mg per day) as well as two serious antibiotics. The next day I ended up in the ER to get IV antibiotics because I started bleeding and I had to get a pelvic ultrasound done to see if I had an upper reproductive tract abscess. The ER was not a pleasant experience when I told them my possible diagnosis.

I finally got over all of that and my initial OB, but my period started two days later and I am now having my second OB. I went and got more FAMVIR, but it doesn't seem to be helping much at this point. This OB is different because the initial one was extremely painful, and this one is in different areas and itchy. I am really frustrated because so many people are saying it's just a little virus, no big deal, but so far for me it has been a lifechanger.

Mentally, I am trying to deal with a lot of things. First of all, the fact that I knew; I had the choice and I blew it. So I have no one to blame but myself. Also, I was cheating on my boyfriend of a year and a half with the guy who gave it to me. So I had to go and tell my boyfriend I have it and that I got it while cheating on him. Unbelievably, he has stayed with me so far, even after my explanations of his risk (I have done a LOT of research). The guy I got it from has serious feelings for me, and I have feelings for him, but not the same kind, so I'm having to deal with the fact that I have hurt just about everyone in my life at this point, including myself. I have always been a very sexual person, and so is my boyfriend and I'm afraid that I will OB so often that we won't be able to have any kind of sexual relationship. I have gone from sex at least once per day to nothing for almost a month. I don't know how long my boyfriend will be able to deal
with that.

My plans are to stay on the FAMVIR, suppressively if possible. I will also most likely try Lysine and Red Marine algae and anything else that seems like it might help.