Type: HSV1
Name: Test4echo
Age: 29
Sex: Not in the last 5 years. "What? Not that sex?" Oh I see now.....Male
Occupation: Information Systems Support for City and County school Board.
OB's per year: 4 or 5

Methods of control: I don't have any really. Usually pick up Lipactin or orajel mouth aid and hope for the best. After what I have read here on this site I will get some scripts from the doc, and maybe try some other things. Anyone ever tried Vicks Vapo rub? ( Just kidding ....I just know someone is gonna try that now. lol)

My Story: I don't know when I got tagged by this evil viral menace but I am confident it was very early in my life, say around 5 or 6. My whole family has it type hsv1. I don't know if I have genital HSV or not but I wouldn't be surprised if I did have it. I probably somewhere down the line gave it to myself.....if you know what i mean. ( Don't laugh all guys do that).

Right now I just struggle my HSV1 its always a big blister ( or many) on my lip and everyone in the whole world just stops to look at it. I even had people come up to me and ask " What's that on your lip?" my response is always " Oh its just a highly Infectious Viral strain of HSV1, wanna see it a little closer? "That usually stops the gawkers. hahaha

Glad I found this site.

Well, its late, maybe I'll go and see if camphor and eucalyptus might help..lol