Name: Stephanie A
Age: 23
Gender: F
Occupation: Medical Lab Technician
Herpes type: HSV Type 1 and 2
Year infected: 1999

Frequncy of OBs: One every couple of months now....when I first got it I had a constant OB for 6 months.

Symptoms: Really itchy and burns...then I run a fever and feel like I've got the flu, and the lesions appear....last for about a week, and they disappear.

Method of control: I control my diet, exercise and stress as well as possible....I don't take any drugs.

My Story: I found out that I had herpes in Aug '99 because I miscarried and had lesions on my cervix. The miscarriage was NOT from is a long story though.

My ex admitted that he had cheated with an ex of his...and SHE admitted that she slept with someone who had herpes so that she'd get it and give it to my boyfriend at the time so he'd leave me and go back to her. It was immature, and she was also expecting a baby at that time. She had hers a few months later, and he was really sick and almost died. My baby did die.

I've had a lot of support from friends and family, and my current boyfriend is the ONLY person I've been with since I got herpes. I am sure he got it from me not too long ago, but he's alright with the idea I think. He hasn't broken up with me, so your guess is as good as mine right? I care for him very much, and pray that we stay together for a long time to come. I love ya! XO I tried Famvir and Valtrex for a few months, but they were expensive, and I didn't find that they worked very well. I didn't notice my symptoms or frequency, or severity of the OB's changing in the least. I think it's stress that mostly brings my OB's on, so I just try to stay stress-reduced as much as I can. It seems to work!

I also notice that I tend to OB about a week before my period comes, and since I've started the Birth Control Pill, the OB's seem less severe. Who knows? I am an honest person, and have told a few people...and respected them when they've decided not to keep in contact with me. Paul, on the other hand....he found out via email one night before we went on our first date! He was amazingly calm about things, and asked a lot of questions. We both made informed and educated decisions, and are living happily ever after (so far at least!)

XO Guess that's about all. Thanks!

Steph XO