Name: Pinkpearls62282
Year Diagnosed:
January 2006

OBs per year:
Only one so farÖ

With one, hard to sayÖitchiness, tingly feeling, achiness all over, burning during urination

Method of control:
Valtrex Ė 500 mg daily, 1000 mg of Vitamin C, healthy diet

My Story:
Iíd been in a relationship for 5 years and finally decided th! at I wanted out. I canít say that I was the most faithful partner, but I always thought I was being safe. (Thus, technically, I donít know how long Iíve actually had H). After getting out of that relationship, I met a great guy in Colorado Springs while participating in a leadership seminar. We hit it off and started dating. From day one, we didnít use protection and while that in itself was stupid, I was crazy about this guy. I donít even think I asked his std status, he just asked if I was on birth control Ė which I was. We had a beautiful, yet short lived relationship that ended shortly after I was diagnosed.
Iíd gone to visit him in Dallas (we dated at a distance, him in Texas, and me in North Carolina). He seemed distant the whole weekend, but we continued to have great sex and enjoyed our time together for the most part. On January 21st, which would have been a Sunday, my body felt weird. I experienced mild burning during urination and, itchiness all night to the point I couldnít sleep. It was that same night that he told me he wanted to slow down, that he was scared of his feelings and wasnít sure if he could continue Ė I cried all night. Then when I woke up on the 22nd, I noticed a couple of small bumps and a weird white discharge.  I told my boyfriend at the time that something wasnít right with my body, but he said that itís probably just a rash from ro! ugh sex.  I got on an airplane and traveled to the next destination. The entire time I could barely sit down and when I got to my meeting, it was all I could do to concentrate on the task at hand. Once I got to my hotel room, I did my first major crotch check and knew what it was immediately. I called my boyfriend and he told me to take a warm bath (no bubbles) and try to relax. All the triggers were in place Ė Iíd flown in from Hawaii doing business so my schedule was off, lack of sleep, Iíd gotten burnt, and now I was stressed. I did a couple hours of reading that night, crying the whole time, and barely slept a wink. Iíd already made arrangements that night to fly home earlier the next day and go immediately to the clinic.
I was diagnosed on January 23rd, 2006. My relationship with that guy ultimately fizzled out and I donít know whether or not it was a result of herpes. He doesnít like to talk about it to this day (weíre still friends) and claims that he didnít give it to me even though he wonít get tested. In a lot of ways, I resent him and I think I always will because at least if he was tested, Iíd know whether or not he was the gift giver.
I was pretty depressed for maybe a week. I didnít dress up, I didnít go out, I didnít talk to many people. That didnít last too long before I realized that it wasnít the end of the world and really became a member of this community. I found a lot of hope and another familyÖthank you to all of those that were there for me in those early days. Iíve found therapy in helping others get through those early ! days since that time and spend a lot of time posting on the board and chatting in the chat room.

 My position is to educate others as I have the opportunity to do so. For those of you who have interacted with me, you know that Iím pretty open about who I am, and what is going on in my life. I initially told my best friend and my boyfriend at the time. I then told a close friend that works in the same building with me Ė he called every night for 3 weeks to make sure I was okay, and has since become interested in dating me- go figure. I tell potential partners and Iíve told two coworkers, one of which Iím currently dating. What Iíve found is a lot of support and further interest in who I am, and who Iím becoming. It also gives me a chance to educate people about what herpes is and is not. For me, itís nothing more than a skin irritation, of which I have many.