Name: Luvbusiness
Age: 34
Sex: M
Occupation: Musician, artist.
Yr Infected: 2007
Type: Genital: HSV2(I think)?
O.B's per year: Have had it for only a few months, and have had two total.

Prodromes: Bruised feeling in the area, like an itchy bee sting.  Also all along my left leg. Fatigue and irritability, but not really a lot.

Method of Control: still trying to find what works. Took Acyclovir for primary OB. Haven't done suppression therapy, don't want to take a drug for the rest of my life if I can help it. I've heard about vitamins, brewer's yeast and lysine, but haven't really tried them.  So far I've only had one small OB after the initial OB.  It hasn't spread anywhere that I know of, and I think I'd know. Optimism and hope are my armor and shield.  What else am I going to do?

Other than that -- getting lots of good sleep, avoiding red wine, red wine and pot together, and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun.  Pot by itself is Okay.  Helps me relax.  Humor and laughter are the best cures in stressful situations.  And exercise, too.

My Story: Well about 2.5 or 3 months ago I discovered I had it. Don't know which one, but I know I have it. I went to a free clinic and all that. For all I know, I could have had it for years and not even known it. I was dating a girl with severe depression. I could have gotten it from her. We were having unprotected sex. We had a long-distance relationship, something I wasn't used to having but as I've gotten older and have tapped into my creative outlets, I've learned to appreciate all the time I have to myself. So a long distance relationship was perfect for me. Little did I know, (and I should have known, because all the signs were present,) that my gf had some serious problems. Once we had planned on getting together for the weekend, but all plans went out the window when she called me and told me she had had an abscess on her butt-cheek and was unable to walk. Later, a week or two, after she felt better,she came to visit me. She showed me her abscess and it looked real!
 ly bad. My first thought was it looked like herpes (I've seen many pictures of it, different pictures, so I had an idea of what it looks like). I didn't say anything. I assumed she knew exactly what it was, because she said she went to see a doctor. Well, as we all know, doctors can easily misdiagnose these things.  I don't think she has it.

Well, then we didn't see each other for a couple of months. We each had things going on: Weddings, family reunions, etc. She was also dealing with family and friend drama, a few deaths, depression, basically chaos all around. Within that time she broke up with me, and I discovered I had herpes. I said, great, okay. I've known many people in my life that have herpes, so I knew that it wasn't really that bad, and my case isn't that bad either. After many phone discussions about life, she wanted to visit me. She had no idea I had herpes, so when she came to visit I told her in person about my very uncomfortable discovery. She was understanding about it all, was worried that she might have it, and suggested that she go out and get a blood test or something. I was looking for signs of a confession or something of the sort, but I don't think she knew that she could possibly be the one who gave it to me, and I never suggested the possibility.

I was sort of glad to have moved on from her. We're still friends. My first outbreak was a crazy experience. When I found out that I had it, I wanted to escape through my usual means of hitting the moon, wine and pot. So I paid a visit to my downstairs neighbors. There were other drugs going around, but I didn't think someone would drop two hits of really good acid in my beer. Mind you, I hadn't gone to the drug store for my prescription because it was Friday night. Anyway, my trip was great except for the part where my pains were amplified all over my body. I thought that I was gonna get herpes all over my body. It really sucked. Also, during the time after my gf, broke it off with me, and before I found out I had herpes brewing on my penis, I went out to a bar to catch a band; met a nice girl that wanted to take me home. We were gonna have intercourse, but we didn't have a condom, so, instead we gave each other head. Then two weeks later, I found a little rash, that progressed into a bit larger rash, next thing I knew I had these little black-topped lesions all growing on the left side of my penis just under and a bit around the head. Luckily, I'm not circumcised, and my foreskin actually served(s) as a protector from walking-friction. I never saw that girl out anymore after that. In fact it was the first time I had ever seen her.  It could have been her.  Who knows?

The clinicians were a bit confused, but concluded that the lesions looked the way they did due to the color of my skin. I never really found out which type I have, but I will soon, as soon as I can acquire some cash to go to a clinic to get the test done.

I've had one small out break since then, and that was due to painting a garage in the hot sun. I've heard that heat, and vitamin C, and the sun, can actually trigger the symptoms.  Although that is an unproven theory. I've learned to accept what I have. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I think I'll always be curious to find out as much as I can about this virus. I'm not discouraged about finding a life partner. Shit, people dumb people all the time for the stupidest reasons, so I'm not afraid to broach the subject to a potential mate.

Anyway, Hi. My handle is luvbusiness, mostly because I love business, but also because I love, too. Well, basically I'm here to discuss this topic. I live in Mpls/St. Paul area, and would be interested in possibly meeting someone, mostly because I just don't want to give it to someone else. I know that this is only a discussion forum and not a dating site. I hope to just meet someone online to speak with and possibly become friends.

Medical Experiences: Not much.

Telling: Haven't told my family, don't need to. Told 4 people only. 3 friends, and my ex. Haven't told anybody else, but wish it wasn't such a hush-hush thing so I didn't feel like I had a dirty secret.

Advice to other men: Don't go around sticking things in places without the proper protection or precautions.  Beware of entering strange caves.  You know what I mean.