Name: KD...Kimberly
Age: 26
Sex: F
Occupation: Actress/Model
Type: Genital, but not sure the's been years since diagnosed. I'm gonna have a blood test next time I'm at the Dr.
Year Infected: 1993
OB's per year: Probably about 4 or 5. Far less than when I was in college and stressed all the time.

Prodromes: Some muscle aching in the back of my thighs and arse area. Some tingling sensation in the genital area. Bruisey feeling in the genital area as well.

Method of control: I don't really take medication for my OB's anymore. I've found that for me, it didn't seem to make all that much of a difference. My OB's aren't that bad anymore pain wise, just more annoying than anything else.

My Story: I was diagnosed while a junior in High School. My boyfriend at the time apparently knew he had "something" from an ex girlfriend, but didn't know it was *H*. My initial OB was horrible. I was in High School and trying to go to school while I was hardly able to walk. UGH!! Fortunately I have not had an outbreak even remotely that bad since. I have been with two people since diagnosed, one for two years and one for seven years and, as far as I know, both are *H* free.

Medical Experiences: Nothing too bad. Just the initial OB and diagnosis. My mom was at the Dr. with me (I was 17 and didn't know what the hell was going on) so that was pretty difficult...telling her. She's great about it though. Very supportive.

Telling: Boy, this is a hard one...Up until recently I had always been upfront with people I dated or had a relationship with. I have been single for a year and a half now and have just recently started dating again. I am finding that it is difficult to tell people my situation. I made the horrible mistake of not telling one person before I had sex with him and will NEVER make that mistake again. It's easier to tell from the get-go than after the fact. Lesson learned!

I am so happy that I found this site. I never thought to look for a support group online before and am grateful for all the insightful and supportive people here.