Name: John
Age: 35
Sex: M
Occupation: Medical
Type: HSV2 (not sure if it was specifically typed at the time)
Year Infected: Unknown
OB's per yr: 0

Prodromes: Tingling (what I assume are paresthesias) in the groin and down right leg.

Method of Control: None

My Story: I found out from a woman who I gave it to despite not knowing I had it. (LJG if you read this.....again, I am very sorry) We were together one weekend, and she called to tell me 3-4 days after her primary OB that it was confirmed. I then went behind the scenes to a friend (MD) who did the test to confirm it. I did not hear much of what he was saying to me, so I don't know if it was typed. Looking back, I dated a girl for over a year who had Acyclovir in her bathroom cabinet but told me it was for her friend (who did have a habit of sleeping around). She said she was keeping it for her so her
parents wouldn't find out. To this day, I don't know if my ex-g/f has it. I initially wanted to find her and strangle/pulverize/maim her, but didn't think that would solve anything.

Medical Experiences: Described above.

Telling: The first person I had to tell was an ex-g/f of mine who I had stopped seeing just a couple of weeks prior to finding out. Needless to say, it did not go over very well that I had found out from another woman! It ended up being the end of our friendship for quite a while, although it was not over the H, but because of the way I found out. I have since had to tell one other woman who was very understanding since a family member of hers has it. I just hope we were careful far, so good, and it's been a few months since our physical contact. The one "good" thing I have discovered is that casual sex is no longer in my vocabulary! The thought of passing this on to another person and having to endure the endless guilt is far too much to handle.