Name: Haley
Age: 43
Occupation: Psychiatric Registered Nurse (specializing in Children and Dual
Diagnosis Patients)
Date of Primary OB: June 15, 2000
Type: HSV2

Haley Thoughts
: I have been an RN for 20 years, and have worked with many,
many people less fortunate than I. I see on a daily basis, people struggling
with such intense emotional symptoms that an anti-viral cannot begin to ease.
I have been blessed with the insight and ability to feel empathy and
compassion for those who others would label the scum of the earth. I have
learned more from my patients than I could ever have learned from those who
have never had a struggle in their life. As one of my patients once told me,
"Normal is just a dial setting on the washing machine."

I had my primary outbreak in June 2000. Despite my experience in the
medical/psych field, I struggled with this disease like many of you. However,
I never once thought, "why me?", I thought "why not me?" My biggest piece of
advice to those that may read this Bio is to try to let go of the guilt and
shame and let yourself be human like the rest of us. It is not about what
life does to us, it is how we make the best of what happens to us, that
enables us to grow and learn.