Name: Golfer 
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Occupation: Student and full time mom
Type: HSV1 ( I think)
Year infected: 2000
OB's per year: 4-5

Prodromes: I suffer from fatigue and body aches. Sometimes it feels like general pressure in the area an outbreak is about to occur.

Method of Control: My first year I took Valtrex every time I had an OB. Now I only take it if an OB is really painful.

My story: I was a single mom at the time I met the man who gave me the virus. I was also attending college full time. His mother was babysitting for me while I was in class. One day I tried to set her up with my dad who is a widower. We all went bowling and she brought her son along. We ended up being attracted to each other. We talked for a while and discovered that we were both single parents. We ended up dating for several months and then he asked me to marry him. We had intercourse shortly after we were married. About a week later I had painful urination. I went to Planned Parenthood to see what it was. The nurse told me that she suspected herpes. She told me I needed to see a doctor to be sure. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN who confirmed that it was indeed herpes. I made the comment that at least it wasn't syphilis or something deadly and he said that he could have cured it if it had been syphilis.

Later I confronted my husband and told him that he must have known that he had herpes. I felt very betrayed and dirty. He denied everything and still does. I did some research and discovered that cold sores are the same thing. Then I remembered that at the time we were together he had a cold sore. I am still trying to impress on him the importance of not spreading the virus to our children since he has cold sores often. I am coming to accept the fact that I have a virus. It has been very difficult for me since I am a person who is anal about germs. I was my hands constantly in very hot water. I use antibacterial everything.

Telling: I have told my closest friend of many years. I just told her that I had contracted herpes from my husband. She does not judge or condemn me since she has been battling a life-threatening disease since we were younger. I haven't told my father, but I have told my sister. She doesn't seem to care. The biggest problem I face with telling is convincing my husband to take it seriously and accept the fact that he is a carrier. I don't want my children to contract it due to a lack of his being sanitary and careful.