Name/handle ~ Christine

Sex ~ F

Age ~39

Yr infected ~ 1980

Occupation ~ CAD Technician

OB's per year ~ 1 to 3

Diagnosed ~ 1980

Prodromes ~ terrible leg and back pain in the back of my thighs , back of calves, ankles, sometimes in my feet and a few times tingling and itching in the OB site.

Methods of control ~ Zovirax

My Story ~ I was given this gift by my high school boyfriend when I was 16 years old. We had a fight because he was seeing his ex-girlfriend he denied it but with in a few days of his alleged fooling around I had an outbreak of blisters on my genitals. I immediately went to the Dr. and he told me I had herpes 2 and that it would go away on its own and I would be fine, he failed to tell me that it would come back later. When it did come back I thought I caught it again, so I went back to the Dr. and he looked at me as if I was a half wit then he explained it to me in small condescending words so I could understand. When I got a new boyfriend and told him I had H and he did not seen to be bothered by this information but in the early eighties people knew very little about H so they were either terrified or though no big deal. He turned out to be an abuser mostly mentally when I finally left him he told me remember what I have always told you" no one will ever love you because you have herpes" I thought he was just trying to be mean but the statement did have some truth to it most of the people I have told I have H have not wanted to take their chances some have even said "you are not worth the risk of becoming infected" I have had a few good long term relationships with men that were willing to take their chances to be with me. I was married for the first and only time when I was 36 years and divorced at 38 I am currently 39 and have stopped looking for a partner, I figure if I find someone - great, if not, I am ok with being single now and look forward to retiring early in San Diego.


Medical Experiences ~ none have been good most doctors treat you just as bad as the public and do not know as much about H as they should. I also have narcolepsy so that is a double whammy I take medication for that too, and the doctors are uninformed about that condition too it is very frustrating to say the least.


Telling ~ I tell every potential partner, all my family and friends and even some co-workers know, I hate secrets. I used to be afraid to tell when I was younger but I got over it. I feel angry rather than afraid now when I have to tell it has just gotten so old to tell, explain, answer questions then wait to see how they react.