Name: Beth
Type: Not sure yet
Yr. infected: hmmm.....

Prodromes: itching

OB's per yr.: Not sure yet, 2 so far if that's what they are

Method of Control: So far, have been prescribed Zovirax and Valtrex

My Story:
Not sure if I even have it yet. Have had 2 minor ob's: A spot that was not blistered, not fluid filled, not painful, not really itchy. General pubic area was itchy, mostly on the mons pubis area. Spot lasted 3 days, self healed, never blistered. Had one negative culture and one culture that could not be cultured due to not enough virus present.

I have been separated from my husband (second sexual partner) for 18 mos. Was married 20 years. Have had 2 sexual partners since separation, used condom with first, not with second. The second partner has dated an HSV + woman before (for 8 years) but has never exhibited any ob's. Was informed by dr. that anyone who has slept with more than 4 people will have been exposed to virus at some point in their lives. He was complacent; diagnosed herpes without seeing any kind of ob and based only on hx of 4 sexual partners.

I am a nervous wreck awaiting blood testing, which my dr felt was unnecessary.

Told current bf immediately. He was laid back and said that people live long and healthy lives with this virus. Seemed to know a lot about it. Was not threatened when I went to him with this info. I will see how he reacts when I have a positive diagnosis.