"wrong outlook?? + a poem"

I did not have to tell you

I listen to the phone not ring,
I knew you would not call,
So I sit in silence,
Thinking back upon it all!

I didn't HAVE to tell you,
I could have passed it on,
Then you would learn to deal with it,
With every lonely dawn!

But I chose the path of honesty,
And told you of ''the bug'',
And you ran away in panic,
Afraid to even hug!

I do not have the ''cooties'',
Leprosy, or the plague,
I simply have a virus,
Whose symptoms can be vague!

I got it from someone I loved,
This never-ending gift,
And now I watch with mourning,
as it causes another rift!

I guess it's best to find out now,
The stuff you are made of,
I'd hate to find you had no spine,
when deeply involved in love!

So I'll give thanks unto my God,
for this special gift to see,
Within your soul the needless fear,
That makes you wrong for me!

And I know he's sending someone,
With a kind and loving heart,
Who will love despite my weakness,
Until death do us part!

KADY, 1998