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Subject: "help need answers" Archived thread - Read only
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Member since Jan-15-13
2 posts
Jan-15-13, 10:08 PM (CST)
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"help need answers"
   Hi I was in a relationship with a guy whom I soon found out to be a pathological liar about everything. About 4 months into are relationship we began not using protection. I had unprotected sex with him and 3 days later I ended up with a horrendous most painful coldsore outbreak. Now I have gotten coldsores at least 1 or so every year or every other year. They were all over my face. I thought i had them in the back of my throat yes I performed oral on him to. I had gone to the dr and told her about my history of ob and she told me i was probably under a bunch of streess and the sore throat looked to be strep she testd me for strep and it came back negative but she said she didnt believe as they are not accurate. She wrote a prescription for antibiotic and 5 day supply of valtrex
I talked to my bf about the incident. And asked to inspect his package on his package was a burn that he claimed to have gotten from peeing and holding the ciggarette in his mouth. Hes a pathalogical liar but thats another story. I asked to go get a blood test for herpes and he did. I went with him. a week later the results were in negative for hsv1 and hsv2. so i kind of believed him. about his story. oodd but hey the tests were negative
.Now 4 months later needless to say we are not together i get another ob just small like usuall and in the usual spot. Its in the healing phase and now I have an aweful sore throat. Ive been checking downstairs alot since. I get itches and rugburn sensations but never have sores etc. I dont know from freaking out that i may be telling myself i have these symptoms.
Do you think I am suffering from hsv1 ob. Or a new hsv2 infection also do you think the blood tests were accurate on his tests. its been about 4 months since that contact. I never have gotten an oral ob more than 1 time a yr now 2 times in 4 months? help i need answers

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Member since Jan-15-13
2 posts
Jan-15-13, 10:19 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: help need answers"
In response to message #0
   forgot to mention i get oral outbreaks since i was a kid. So yhats why the dr said she had thought it was just hsv1 they i contracted a little kid

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Member since Jan-2-07
416 posts
Jan-16-13, 06:38 PM (CST)
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2. "RE: help need answers"
In response to message #1
   Well he needs to get retested about 4 months from the last time you were together. He may have oral hsv on his package...maybe from you...maybe from someone else.

Have you gotten a blood test? If not, I would get one....now and then 4 months from now. It take at most 16 wks for the blood test to show if you just got it. If you had it for years the blood test will show now.

You can get oral herpes outbreaks that are bad on your face. It just travels the nerve paths on your face.


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Member since Sep-9-07
2562 posts
Jan-17-13, 09:41 AM (CST)
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3. "RE: help need answers"
In response to message #2
   What type of testing did he have done? A swab/culture of a test has to be done within the sore's first 24-48 hours for there to be enough virus to get a good sample. A blood test looks for antibodies and it takes MOST people 12-16 weeks to develop these antibodies. testing outside of these time lines will have a negative result which could be true or false.

Oral HSVI can break out anywhere ON the face and your sore throat may just be a sore throat considering this time of the year. The sexual act of performing oral on him could be just enough trauma to cause an OB. Your oral HSV is more contagious in the absence of symptoms and can and may have been passed to his genitals.

Since he tested negative now, he needs to retest at the 12-16 week mark to see if he has caught your HSVI on his genitals.

Since you feel this man lies to you, maybe you want to decide if this is the type person you want to be sexual with in the first place.


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